i know i seem ebullient, you shouldn’t let that foolient, and think at times i make up rhymes — for that would not be coolient

A Country Autumn – 6

Pumpkins: we place them with Halloween By season and tradition, But I could not help but wondering, And had a faint suspicion That something more sinister may be there, Though their patches might look sleepy — In autumn, do pumpkins use human spice? ‘Cause that would just Be creepy

Crystal Sphere

I can’t afford a castle, And I’ve not nails or boards To build some sort of fort where we’d Be safe from angry hordes — But if you’d like to live within A crystal sphere with me, I’ll color it with star shine, And place it by the sea. I cannot build a palace, And … Continue reading "Crystal Sphere"


fiddle-faddle, that’s my name: spouting nonsense is my shame. drove me from my lands and nation, here to live as a crustacean, without followers who follow in a shack in sao paulo, til the man says, “you skedaddle!” i’ll indulge in fiddle-faddle. stuff and nonsense, that’s my life: if you doubt, just ask my wife. … Continue reading "fiddle-faddle"

Tell A Tale of Tall Trees

[An exercise in cribbing another poem’s metrical patterns. – Owen] Tell a tale of tall trees, A thicket full of woe; Shadows in the black land, Miles yet to go. When the shadows moved, then, The earth began to see — Wasn’t that the oddest place For you and me to be? For you were … Continue reading "Tell A Tale of Tall Trees"

The Milky Circle

Within the milky circle free, You heard the spheres in harmony; I wish I’d been there, too, to see — I guess you should have Ptolemy


You read the title And thought of “Bohemian Rhapsody” Didn’t you? But I’m a rogue and a scamp that way, A Scaramouche, In fact

Morning Thoughts

I need to buy some bread today, And probably some tea. I guess I’ll get it on the way, It’s easier for me. For I am likely to forget In leaving it for later: Because I’m more an amateur Than a pro Crastinator

If I Was In Charge

If I was in charge, the world would be much worse. Chaotic and unfair, but — lots of verse. I’d outlaw cold, give everyone a goat, A house and drawbridge, over their own moat. It know that it sounds stupid, overlarge — Perhaps that’s why I’m never put In charge Photo credit : ID 84752491 Talashow … Continue reading "If I Was In Charge"