In Moments

A wilderness blows through the wind, A laughter swept in motion free; For joy’s not felt in stasis but In moments, In moments We reach out for the here-and-gone, And spend our grace so thoughtlessly — Yet progress has no basis, save In moments, In moments Who takes a picture of the wind? Who sings … Continue reading "In Moments"

Mood Box

A word apart / a thought ablaze / then ships that vanish / in the haze A scholar torn / about the fate / of those who signaled / far too late The history / of where we’ve been / the last hello / the great amen And capital / fatuity / in search of … Continue reading "Mood Box"


The world around may signify Tremendous pain and mordant rage, And all of it seem far to large To fit in head, or heart, or page, But it’s not shallow to beware The dangers of the close and deep, And it’s not cowardice to want To close your eyes, and simply Sleep

Snapshot: Woman Working in a Waiting Area

A busy day, a pressing time, With much behind and more ahead: Professional, industrious, And careful in both mien and thread — A glance away to gather thought, And through her soul a question free: The love that was supposed to be — How did it break so Easily?