Sketches – 10

A scene from real-ish life —

What are you writing about tonight?

You and me
The kind of stuff we say to each other

Is that supposed to be me?

Yes, recently I’ve been
Using this woman to represent

I haven’t been that size
In a little while

Oh, hush

You seem to be
A little more energetic lately

I’ve gone back to working out

You realize I’m like
Twenty-five years older than
This girl, right?

You aren’t much help right now

And I’ve never had red hair.
What’s with the red hair?

I use her pictures because
Her face is expressive and
Because I don’t need people thinking
I have a totally different wife every day

Don’t you? —

Good point

Sketches – 9

Reality glimpses —

Please don’t joke with me today.
I’m not in the mood.

Where’s your head at right now?

I’m not happy –
I know I’m not —
It isn’t you, and
It isn’t “us”;

… although? …

… We’re not exactly perfect
Are we?


So, you tell me –
Why do you think I might not be happy?

Unsatisfied with your work product –
Problems with your mom and sister –
Tired of people telling you that
you should have kids –
Tired of fighting over money –
Tired of being tired —

That’s a reasonably perceptive list, actually.
Anything else?

Tired of feeling like
I’m all disappointed
You’re tired,
When you rely on me
To understand


I’m sorry.
I really don’t mean
To add to your troubles

And I don’t mean to disappoint you

I’m not disappointed,
I’m never disappointed with you

I’m calling B.S. on that

I wouldn’t use the word ‘disappointed’ —
A little frustrated, at times.
But I know I’m being selfish, so
I get over it

I like that you want to be with me, but
Sometimes I need you
To understand and be patient

I’ll try.
Patience has never been my best thing

Dealing with other people’s expectations
Has never been mine

Sketches – 8

. . .

Oh, look
I’m all ready for bed
And so are you

Must be time
To go to sleep then

If you want to

I don’t want to

Really? I thought
It had been long day, and
You were really tired

It has, and I am

But you don’t want to go to sleep?

Maybe in an hour or so

That feels nice.
Are you sure you won’t be
Too tired to work tomorrow?

I’ll risk it

Sketches – 7

Conversational foreplay of the realistic kind

Whatcha doing?

About to watch “Daredevil”
You headed to work?

Yeah. I’ll probably be there
Till about eight.
Want to meet for dinner?



Italian? You know it.
How dressy should I be?
I mean, you’re wearing a suit and tie

Video conference with
Some people in Japan –
It will be Monday there —
Dress up a little, if you want.
That gives me almost seven hours of

I love you –
Thank you

I love you, too
“Thank you” for what?

That you still want to
Take me out to dinner
That you still want to see me
Dressed up
That you’ll be thinking about me
While you should be concentrating
On your video conference

Well, dear
This house has several mirrors –
Sometime today
Stop and look at yourself
And tell me why
I shouldn’t be thanking you
Every minute of my life

Sketches – 6

One of those mornings…

What’s wrong?

I don’t know

Tell me…
What you’re feeling

It’s one of those mornings where I try to workout and that doesn’t feel right and I try go through my painting ideas and none of them seem good and the cat is acting all distant and my mom called and wants me to help her sew and I hate sewing I’m no good at it and I’ve gained three pounds and my sister’s shower is coming up and I’m supposed to come up with game ideas but the showers I’ve been to people all play these embarrassing games and I don’t think they’re that much fun and you’ve been so crabby lately and I wonder if I should give up painting and go back to work at Doctor Reynold’s office because they’re short-handed there and I’m worried about our air conditioner it makes funny noises when you’re not here and I hate sewing

Cats always act distant to everybody

That’s what you got out of that?

Sketches – 4

How these things happen

Busy week coming up?

It doesn’t look too bad, but
Friday’s slammed

How is the painting going?

It needs more work.
I’ll show you later —
Have you seen the cat?
I can’t find the cat

We don’t own a cat

I mean, sure,
Nobody really “owns” a cat…

We have no cat.
No cat lives here.
If one did, you would
Call it by her or his name.
You would say,
Have you seen Belle? or
Have you seen Lee-Kwan-Dexter?
or whatever.

You are not naming our cat.

Are you saying you want a cat?

Why do you hate cats?

What are you talking about?
I love cats

You don’t see too concerned
That we can’t find ours

Let’s go down to the shelter
And see if we can find our cat

Now you’re talking