A Cross of Gold


His daughter wears a cross of gold
Above her heart, around her neck;
A present from her favorite aunt
That she received a few years back.

At night she reads and then she prays,
And settles down for loving rest;
His daughter, with her cross of gold
The grace he knows and loves the best.

Through A Lover’s Eyes

Flowers on the Piano

I fell in love
With a woman who was:

Strong and smart
Canny and wise
Clever and able
To improvise

Loving and sweet
Funny and bright
Able to rest or to
Dance all night

She was and is all of these things, to be sure
You should believe, and not doubt me:

For she didn’t need me to make herself whole
She was amazing without me

Love Is Really Kind of Amazing and Stuff


My wife is my companion
She puts up with a lot
I’m not too good with people
And handy I am not

I love her to distraction
And find, amazingly
That even after all this time
She’s still in love with me

Anna Remembers


She felt a tear form in her eye –

For those she’d known in days gone by

When she was young and hale and strong

And when the future still seemed long

For now her days are fraught with ache

With muscles frail and bones that break

Back then, though, she was young and free

And wasted not her liberty

She danced once on a show’r of stars

To music from Cuban guitars

In old Havana long ago

A man her family didn’t know

They ran and laughed until it hurt

She placed her hand upon his shirt

Then felt her lover’s warm embrace —

All as that tear rolls down her face