Passing Love On

We have these things but for a time…

Passed On

We have these things but for a time
And much of it is chance

These fates and opportunities
That can our lives enhance

We didn’t build the chessboard
Whether king or queen or pawn

Since all we have is borrowed
Love should always be passed on

First Love’s Memory

We wandered down a hill to find a secret place I knew…

We wandered down a hill to find
A secret place I knew;
There was a picnic waiting
And a beautiful lake view

Picnic 1

She was surprised to see it all —
Delighted, nonetheless;
And I – well, I adored her
I must honestly confess

Picnic 2

And she sat on my lap
As we enjoyed the glittering lake;
With fruit to eat and wine to drink
Our daytime thirsts to slake

Picnic 3

And in my arms, down to
The waterside we did transfer;
If ever any boy loved girl
Then truth knows I loved her

Picnic 4

Into the water soon we went
The two of us got wet:
And how it felt to kiss her
Is a thing I won’t forget

Picnic 5

And passion flowed like water
On an endless smiling sea;
And soon engulfed the two of us
My true young love and me

Picnic 6

I recall as we dried that she
Had flowers in her hair;
And though the day was long ago
It’s like I still was there

For that first love, that comes but once
Can fade like summer flowers:
But this one memory we share
It is

Picnic 7

Midnight Thoughts

Limits are not barriers.

Midnight Thoughts

The grass, it grows out in my yard
Without my intervention;
The things that I do not effect
Too numerous to mention

But I can help the grass to be
Both hale and free of weeds;
And while I can’t make hope or love
I surely can
Plant seeds


Bravery keeps going.


Bravery keeps going

Rises when sleep is the body’s clear preference
Starts its day while others are still enjoying their night

Keeps aiming for the goal, even as life’s vicissitudes rage
Builds, where there are few tools, and no known plans for success
Stretches every faculty to make the world safer, surer, better

For it is valiance in its purest form, bravery without selfishness
That faces hardships out of love, and never surrenders

And that will ever live on

Piano Dreams

I have played the piano
Since I was just a boy;
To sit and plyay for hours
Has long been my great joy.

The songs I most remember
Are somewhat recondite;
But once passed through my fingers,
I dream of them at night.

Yes, I dream in piano –
The visions sweet and pure –
The soundtrack of my life is
Always in my heart for sure.

To learn to play when just a child,
Musical ecstasy:
My parents couldn’t give
A greater gift
Of love
To me

(In response to this prompt.)