Monastic Order Taking

When I was all of twenty-three
I thought to join a monastery
To free myself from earthly strife
And lead a contemplative life

I truly, deeply did aspire
To rid myself of my desire
For women: those that pained my heart –
And so, I vowed to live apart –

But failed to get all the way there
And start that life of work and prayer.
Instead, I found one like it here
Except, I can keep my wife near.

Celtic Isles
Skellig Michael monastery, off the coast of Ireland.

The Boundary

Respect and Love

The boundary that lies between
A light contempt and real respect
Is one not analyzed or seen
Or known, quite often (I expect)

Respect: it is foundational
Love’s golden halls can than it gild:
But flippancy and sarcasm
Tear down all that respect can build

Mugged By Love

Lonely Street

It picks you up and throws you down
It kicks your can all over town
It likes to make you think it’s gone
Then waylay you on your front lawn

It waits in alleys patiently
To jump out unexpectedly
And slap you with its velvet glove
Yes, you, sir – have been mugged by love

The World Was Invented For Us

Dinner For Two

Tonight, the world was invented for us –

The light of these torches to shine in your eyes
Our moon and our stars, placed up there in our skies
The crickets are singing for you and for me
Accompanied by our own personal sea

And all of these people, they just fade away
As do our old troubles, as our tete-a-tete
Leads me straight into you and you straight into me
As time comes to a stop in our intimacy

And we finally have leisure to truly recall
Whey we fell in love – we remember it all
Of the girl and the boy that we were and still are
Of how much we’ve seen and how high and how far

And we still can explore, still can laugh and discuss:
For tonight, the world was invented for us