Anna Remembers

She felt a tear form in her eye – For those she’d known in days gone by When she was young and hale and strong And when the future still seemed long For now her days are fraught with ache With muscles frail and bones that break Back then, though, she was young and free And … Continue reading "Anna Remembers"

Well, You Asked (#2)

She will never love you as much As you love her All you can do is decide Whether or not that’s good enough Then get on with your life ‘Cause she’s getting on with hers  

The Funny Thing About Love Is…

Real lovers Respect each other But Real lovers also Can laugh about their failings With each other Because The respect comes first And remains at last The laughter of lovers Can bring cleansing It is a fine line Laughing at each other But love And only love Can turn laughter Into joy

Love Is A Fire

LOVE IS A FIRE Many poets say that love is a fire But the real fire comes When love is over