Off Course

Sometimes, we do not recognize Just how we got to where we are; We find, to our sudden surprise That we have gone off course, and far We struggle to remember those Decisions made along the way; But every step we took we chose And that’s how we got here today

Juxtaposition – What I Wanted & What I Got

My thoughts lay heavy on my mind I don’t know what I thought I’d find And so I rise before the dawn All that I longed and hoped for gone To walk beside the restless sea The ocean whispers there to me And look for love’s lost answers there Of losses more than I can bear


We humans long for permanence in a world that is nothing but transitory We grieve for what we’ve lost, even when we knew we would have it for but a day We mourn the loss of our friends, our family, our youth, our home, our town, our country, knowing from an early age that none … Continue reading "Vanishing"


Wendell, wander while you can Where the windy highway wends Find a road you’ve never seen, and Follow, till your journey ends. Wendell, why this noisome toil, Wearing down your weary brow? Seek no more your heart to spoil, and Fly, while time will still allow. Wendell, there’s no going back What remains is still ahead; … Continue reading "Wendell"

Cinema of Play

This began when we began And many times we came To sit here in the cool, cool dark And light our secret flame I loved you with adventure With action and romance And in this very place we sat Whenever we’d the chance. This place is boarded up now, Maybe they’ll renovate: Like you and … Continue reading "Cinema of Play"