To always be a second choice.


I know
That if he’d tried
To keep his promises to you
You’d still be with him
And not with me

I know
That he will always be
The father of your children
And I’ll always be
Your second husband

I know
He got there first
He was first in your heart
And even though
You all but despise him now

In some way

He’ll always be first

Lost In The Fog

It is easy to get lost.

Lost In The Fog

It is easy to get lost,
The fog is all around;
Easy to get turned about,
Never to be found –

Surging on, into the murk,
Struggling to exist:
Every day, some disappear,
Off into the mist

Light can still be seen at times
Vaguely shining through;
And to get back homeward
Is the best we hope to do

It is easy to get lost,
It is not unjust:
All of us go through the dark
And, it seems, we must

The Daily Battles


The daily battles that we fight
Are what our lives are, in the end
The horrors of the past we hide
The present dooms that might impend

And as the days and years go by
We list events out, name and date
And hear the dove of mourning cry
For all the lucklessness of fate

For death and grieving we endure
For violence that’s been done to us
We go on forward, always sure
That it will be so, ever thus

The daily battles that we fight
Take all our courage and require
That we do not desert by flight
And with our dying breath, reach higher

Unanswerable Questions

Colt and Portia

Does value have meaning? Significance, purpose?
Is life just a poorly-run, foul-smelling circus?

Are all of us doomed to be what we appear?
Is there more to life than Doritos and beer?

Is French the one language we’re all meant to speak?
Does no spinach make you an Iron-Poor Sheikh?

Can one really lose weight by singing the blues?
Is there any point having more than ten shoes?

Can anyone tell me why cat memes are funny?
Why doesn’t Vince know Colt & Portia are money?