First Night

… in a new home.

Open Door

Last night was our first
In our new place to live
My wife, my golden and me;

And we were up moving
And unpacking things
Until roughly a quarter to three.

There’s much more to do
In the next week or so
Till we are completely moved in;

But soon, very soon –
The old house door will close
Which we will not open again

And then we’ll drive off
From the home that we loved
At give one last backward look:

But that is the way.
When the old chapter’s done
You have to get on with the book.

Alone At A Party

It’s a life kind of thing.

Ancient Age Bourbon

Alone at a party
She decided she wanted to play a character

Someone to replace the drab her
She had been seeing at home in the mirror

So, armed with the magic elixir of Ancient Age,
She burned away her real personality

And while she made no wise choices that night,
She has no regrets, either

For freedom rings, passion blazes,
Youth must live, and mistakes

Have to be experienced


To always be a second choice.


I know
That if he’d tried
To keep his promises to you
You’d still be with him
And not with me

I know
That he will always be
The father of your children
And I’ll always be
Your second husband

I know
He got there first
He was first in your heart
And even though
You all but despise him now

In some way

He’ll always be first