The Other Side of The Lake


On the other side of the lake, the people
Live in luxury;
They eat off finest china, and
They’re not like you or me

I looked across this lake for years, and
Dreamed about a day
I’d rise up from my current life and
Learn to live their way

The other side of the lake is just
A half a mile or so;
Although the swim is hard, I think
I’d really like to go

Because I weary of what’s real
And also of what’s fake;
Somehow, I think it’s different
Over there
Across the lake

What It Be-Conomics

Don’t even ask about the title. I have no idea either.


Ah, yes, the world –

That’s buying and selling
You trade what you’ve got
For what you don’t

And needing something
Doesn’t mean you’ll have it
Unless you find
Something to trade for it

Do you bemoan this?
This state of affairs?

Then what would you would trade
To put in its place?

The Misnomer Uses of Mathematics

I might have gotten a few of these wrong.

Mathematical Theory

Mathematical is useful for modern life. There is:

  • Game theory – for dating
  • Obstruction theory – for when you ask government for something
  • Braid theory – for doing your daughter’s hair
  • Distribution theory – for trying to manage a budget
  • Invariant theory – for dealing with death
  • Chaos theory – for raising a family

But don’t despair you Arithmophobes

No knowledge of any of these subjects has actually helped anyone deal with the practical problems of life

Except managing a budget

Which is stubbornly a mathematical thing

In the end