Graveyard Walk

Light, the leaves beneath my feet Soft and silent is the way; There among the many who Walked the paths of yesterday Cool, blows Autumn on the air Through the paths and stones I thread; To take counsel with my thoughts There among the vaulted dead Those, there are who morbid call Graveyard roaming such … Continue reading "Graveyard Walk"

As Darkness Falls

As darkness falls, so does his heart For days of sweetness yet to come; He reaches, in his mind, for part Of something greater, as the crickets hum The sun goes down, so do his thoughts, To lives he’s never led at all. And feeling still tied up in knots, He sees the clouds roll … Continue reading "As Darkness Falls"

Traveling Thoughts – 3

“Embrace the moment” This is what is said — It resonates and echoes In the head But lo, arms open wide, We see the day: And realize that time has slipped Away

The Afterwards

The afterwards of everything is wondering Why tradeoffs must be made, and friendships lost, And why the night turns silence into shadows That touch the edge of passion turned to frost The afterwards of everything is emptiness, A strange reward for doing what is right: The cold and quiet heart that’s ribbed with darkness, The … Continue reading "The Afterwards"


The road can be long And the comforts few: The cold will come hard And the wind, blow through — For though life’s a hardship, It still is true That it’s worth the discomfort To see The view

These Colors

From herbs and plants and factories To trucks to stores to you: These colors, dripping down the wall, And turned to residue From love to womb to hospital To home to grow to be A living and creative force Who’s now a Memory

Worth It

Coming home from a long day at work...

so frail

it’s all so frail, we’re here, we’re gone; the hopes we set our hearts upon go fleetingly into the haze upon which we must muse and gaze – it’s all so frail, what starts will end: for brother, sister, lover, friend, alike must go to where all will; more smoke to free, more land to … Continue reading "so frail"

Fortune’s Favor – X

Friend, the night is drawing near; Winter has its reasons For leading us to stumble on The path of seasons — The moon is shaking with the cold, And food has lost its savor — And we must wait another day In search of Fortune’s favor