The Daily Battles

The daily battles that we fight Are what our lives are, in the end The horrors of the past we hide The present dooms that might impend And as the days and years go by We list events out, name and date And hear the dove of mourning cry For all the lucklessness of fate For death … Continue reading "The Daily Battles"


That That life No one ever said that life Was Was worth No one ever said that life was worth anything Not all life That life Whose life? That life No one ever said that Life Life was Worth anything

Unanswerable Questions

Does value have meaning? Significance, purpose? Is life just a poorly-run, foul-smelling circus? Are all of us doomed to be what we appear? Is there more to life than Doritos and beer? Is French the one language we’re all meant to speak? Does no spinach make you an Iron-Poor Sheikh? Can one really lose weight … Continue reading "Unanswerable Questions"