Half-frozen mud, cold bracing air A wind that makes my neck aware That leaves torn from the tree will die These poor gray strays who tumble by And like the ghostly light I seek The morn recedes behind the line Only of chance to risk a peek At drifting lives Like yours And mine   … Continue reading "Aware"

Growing Up

Standing all alone Shoreside boy Has choices to make   (“Growing Up” – 8-7-2014)

Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby

I saw her waiting in the lobby Nervously, expectantly; Looking out the giant window Framed by its immensity Who she was I do not know, and Never will, now, I suppose: But the seekers, lookers, waiters — I belong To such As those   (“Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby” – 12-10-2014)

You Cannot –

You cannot bring the dream alive By dreaming it again You cannot change the past Into the things it might have been You cannot oust reality For phantasms instead You cannot live life looking back When there’s still life Ahead   (“You Cannot -” – 9-2-2014)

So Familiar

A life led by blind desire, Lurching toward the funeral pyre Happenstance spun into meaning, Private times spent posing, preening Strings of words on worthless air, Tableaus struck with no one there Emptiness and vanity, Sheltered by insanity Carved from cells once formed by bliss: So familiar All of this   (“So Familiar” – 10-23-2014)

{ Particles }

Perspectives change like valences, Transactions, ionized: Our heroes disappear in mist, The evil, lionized — Our viewpoints change as noble words Get cut and rearranged: While love, the particle that binds, Stays dormant Unexchanged

Night Nurse

For eighteen weeks I lay in bed And fervidly wished I was dead Until, one night my eyes grew wide To see this vision at my side Hi, I’m Owen. Who are you? Elizabeth, she said. I’m new. I just moved here a week ago. The night shift’s all they had. And so… We chatted … Continue reading "Night Nurse"

Near Night

Waves caress the yielding sands Like two together, holding hands The sea receives the sun’s last kiss As gulls cry of forgotten bliss The tumult that was lately felt Has faded with the dying day As night approaches, with its gift A belle chanson de liberté (“Near Night” – 10/12/2014)