Rebecca always hated me I know, because she said: And if I passing, spoke to her I might as well be dead For all the interest she would show. But I would always try: And she might glance up from her book Or not, as I went by. But then, one day, she spoke to … Continue reading "Rebecca"

Desolate My People Go

The world is dreariness today The whole dang town seems haunted: It’s very cold and gray outside And that’s just how I want it I like the feeling that I have That nature doesn’t care; Beneath the dull immensity That I’m just barely there The world is large and heartless, And is deaf to our … Continue reading "Desolate My People Go"


Some people say that where they are Is where they’re meant to be; For years, I never understood – Those comments puzzled me Sometimes, you’re down and desperate, As I was, long ago: I saw no reason at the time Why it needs must be so For almost thirty years ago I tried to end … Continue reading "Nightscape"


Half-frozen mud, cold bracing air A wind that makes my neck aware That leaves torn from the tree will die These poor gray strays who tumble by And like the ghostly light I seek The morn recedes behind the line Only of chance to risk a peek At drifting lives Like yours And mine   … Continue reading "Aware"

Growing Up

Standing all alone Shoreside boy Has choices to make   (“Growing Up” – 8-7-2014)

Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby

I saw her waiting in the lobby Nervously, expectantly; Looking out the giant window Framed by its immensity Who she was I do not know, and Never will, now, I suppose: But the seekers, lookers, waiters — I belong To such As those   (“Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby” – 12-10-2014)