Ketchup Packets

Life is full of them.

Life is full of ketchup packets
Little sachets
Full of goo

Just more junk between the brackets
[Birth and death
For me and you]

Everywhere I look detritus
Fragments, shavings,
Leavings, scree

Just more stuff that isn’t needed
[Just like, well
Quite frankly – me]

Beautiful Mountain

Their hearts were full.

They went to the Beautiful Mountain
And their hearts were full and blessed;
The stood by the Lonely Pine and thought
It was time to divest

Of all the heavy baggage they
Had carried on thus far;
As the sun set on the horizon
And they reached
The evening

So She Kept Walking

As drops fell lightly down at first
And gradually the sky turned black
While clouds threatened to do their worst
There was no thought of turning back —
So she kept walking

The roads and houses now were strange
Potholes and mud along the way
Bewilderment from constant change
As night replaced the waning day —
But she kept walking

The hill she reached was miles long
Her eyes could not make out the crest
And she felt worlds away from strong
And didn’t know what course was best —
Yet she kept walking —

And by her bed in ICU
Her grandson sat and watched her breathe
But all of this she never knew
As up the hill she took her leave
She breathed her last and reached the top
And as her heart came to a stop
Before that final moment passed
She saw the light she sought at last
So she kept walking