The Ashes of the Fire

That once, in winter, when her heart was young, She felt the world outside / inside the same; The season when her soul’s true songs were sung, And bitterness was still outside the frame Who sees the girl? The woman’s been her fate, And all that’s left of winter is the cold; The day is … Continue reading "The Ashes of the Fire"

bridge / deserving

the bridge you cross a millions times until one time’s the last; the path you walk unthinking, til the time to walk has passed the leaves that we count on to fall and mark without concern — until the winter one day comes from which there’s no return she looked at him and wondered what … Continue reading "bridge / deserving"

Every Poem I Write, Decoded

Love is better than hate, Except with that rat-bastard, my soon-to-be ex-son-in-law, For whom hate might just be too good. A lazy cloud, a summer day, A sailboat coasting cross the way, A world that’s full of joy and sun, And I wish their divorce was final and she could just get the hell away … Continue reading "Every Poem I Write, Decoded"