One Answer

Question: what do you say to people who want to follow in your footsteps?

She said:

“The only people
Who ever tell you
Not to try
At all

Are people who failed
Who therefore think
There’s no way over
The wall

So hang around
With those who do
Not those who say
You can’t

Then go and live
The life you want
And dream big –
End of rant”

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There’s No Accounting For Inspiration

Superman and Cheshire Cat

This is the sight in front of me
Each time I write a poem;
That’s Superman and Cheshire Cat,
But — you already know ’em.

They’ve helped me write three hundred times,
The last time that I checked –
Each time we knock one out, we drink
A cold Doctors-Select.

Now inspiration comes
In many different ways, I feel;
I happen to get most of mine
From Ches, and Man of Steel