sunset moments

marble sky glowing o’er a slow breathing giant, the sleeping waters

autumn elegy

breathing in autumn, setting free the callow heart like leaves from a tree. === === cold waters flow until rigid with winter – this is not our way. === === the lonesome one knows: where you are doesn’t tell you who you will yet be. === === some birds stay longer, though their flocks left … Continue reading "autumn elegy"


Paraphrased from Essay 48 : "Of Followers And Friends" by Francis Bacon. This one seems remarkably prescient.

serena, hither

what is and has been is wrought upon the beaches and on the world’s soul

serena’s echoes

the night’s catalysts change what was imperfect sight into perfect pain

serena, knowing

serena, knowing the treachery of winter longs for spring’s welcome

serena waits

for sun to dry her last evanescent longing and restore her soul