* Acaudate (ā-kô′dāt′) – tail-less (pertaining to animals).

You don’t have a license to beat yourself up –

The permit required to self-flagellate –

So you must quit doing this, ere you find out

It doesn’t build up, but turns you



= = = = = | = = = = =


* Acaudate (ā-kô′dāt′) – tail-less (pertaining to animals).

A Question of Guilt

One I ask myself sometimes.

If everything I ever did
Was placed for all to see,
Could anyone who loves me now
Still stand to look at me?

Sometimes my mind blots out the past
Sometimes it still recalls:
The secret shames it always hides
To stay within these walls

For really, I have no excuse
For many things I’ve done:
Except to plead I’m human and
I’m not the only one

I think I would be cast be aside
By mere humanity:
There’d have to be a cosmic love
To forgive all
Of me

Terri’s Been Telling Me

… I need to quit.


Terri’s been telling me I need to quit
She’s been beseeching my heart quite a bit
Every morning and every night
Terri’s been telling me, “This isn’t right”

Terri, she works on a different floor
Yet, twice a day, she will be at my door
Telling me, “Man you are out of control
What good’s all this, when you’re losing your soul?”

The Night She Didn’t Come Home

Perfect Dinner

The night she didn’t come home
He had made her a perfect dinner
He had rehearsed his apology over and over
He was going to make it right

Her favorite food
Her favorite wine
Ready at the time she would normally be home
Watching the time

He knew he had been wrong
So he texted her
That he had a surprise for her when she got home

But that night she didn’t come home
She never came home again
By the time the state patrolman knocked on the door
He was beside himself with worry
Then, with grief

The night she didn’t come home
He had made her a perfect dinner
But nobody ever ate it
Nor drank the wine
Nor heard the apology

And the last angry words
He had said to her
Still ring in his head
Where the wind sweeps restlessly
Beside her silent grave

Refractions on Fatherhood

They’re basically fatal.

A full-grown human child sees it’s father
Like a magnifying glass focused on an ant:
And in a such a way
That the ant
Is unlikely to ever recover

[Note: no actual ants were harmed by the author of this post; however, he cannot attest to the makers of the stock photo attached thereto. – Owen]