The Fog, The Rain and You

Music and words can block out sound
But cannot block out thought;
I drive and drive to clear my mind
But don’t find what I’ve sought

It all surrounds, envelops me,
The rain, the fog, and you;
I cannot see, I cannot hear,
And nothing that I do

Has saved me from the blinding truth
Here in the fog and rain:
That you and I will never,
Be the same

And Now, The Sun Goes Down

And now, the sun goes down, and I’m alone,
To drive the last few hours in the dark;
I am the only one, the road’s my own,
The emptiness around me, rather stark

The countryside is beautiful and hale,
And could convince me that I am, as well;
Except my rear-view mirror tells a tale,
Of middle-age, and looking much like hell

The pain inside my back will not subside,
So I must to my doctor go, at last;
But that’s for later in the coming week,
For now, this last long time will need to pass

Before I turn my headlights into home.
For everything, and all I have, is here:
There is no other place that I might roam
For everything,
And all I have,
Is here