The King of Dethroned Dreams

Their hopes and fears crowd round my head.

They had the palace of their dreams
One moment in the shining sun:
The world kept ever turning, running
Forward on its steady run

And lust turned into apathy,
Ceramic tiles into dust;
Children grew estranged and moved
And faces, bodies aged, as must —

And now – these people I knew not
Their hopes and fears crowd round my head
The past / the present all the same
The living here among the dead

And somewhere out past you and me
Inside a crumbling house hard-by
There lives the king of dethroned dreams
The place all wishes go
To die

Wondrous Worlds

So far away —

The dreams that I dreamed as a child

Are gone. They’re gone like yesterday —

The life I’d live among the stars

Out there, somewhere, so far away —

A life of loving wondrous worlds

And science to discover them —

Perhaps the stars are still out there

But now

The gray clouds

Cover them

Piano Dreams

I have played the piano
Since I was just a boy;
To sit and plyay for hours
Has long been my great joy.

The songs I most remember
Are somewhat recondite;
But once passed through my fingers,
I dream of them at night.

Yes, I dream in piano –
The visions sweet and pure –
The soundtrack of my life is
Always in my heart for sure.

To learn to play when just a child,
Musical ecstasy:
My parents couldn’t give
A greater gift
Of love
To me

(In response to this prompt.)

Dream Trailers

These things happen to me more and more lately.


I see sometimes these fleeting scenes from
Dreams I never get to have
Constructed out of broken bits of
Of things I just half-saw

And watch these trailers as they run on
Into others, seamlessly;
Bright patches colored out of mist
In visions light, both rich and raw

Middle School Observation #3 – Success

What I Am

What I am
Is indeed what I am
But it is not everything I will be

There is more to me than you see
More to me than anyone here knows

I will break out
I will succeed
I will be loved and I will love

This place is like a prison

But I am unlimited
I will
Be free

And my freedom

Will make the world smile

To Reach A Dream / A World Away

Sponsored Girl

She sponsored a young woman
In Colombia one year;
Then watched her age in pictures –
A world away,
A world away

She saw a smiling beauty
A diploma in her hand;
A picture worth a thousand thanks –
To see a dream
To reach a dream

She welcomed the young doctor
Out at the airport gate;
A daughter’s love, a mother’s pride –
‘Tween two who’d never met
Who wept when they finally met