Sleep, My Friend

And so at last…

And so at last, the night has brought its food –
An offering of stars upon a plate;
The moon is watching, and might think it rude
If you should choose not to participate

So sleep, my friend, let clouds and pillows mix;
Let tired mind and muscle have their ease –
It’s time for dreams to do their magic tricks;
To lift you out, upon the scented breeze

Remember not the troubles of the day
And sleep, my friend, just sleep the night away

The King of Dethroned Dreams

Their hopes and fears crowd round my head.

They had the palace of their dreams
One moment in the shining sun:
The world kept ever turning, running
Forward on its steady run

And lust turned into apathy,
Ceramic tiles into dust;
Children grew estranged and moved
And faces, bodies aged, as must —

And now – these people I knew not
Their hopes and fears crowd round my head
The past / the present all the same
The living here among the dead

And somewhere out past you and me
Inside a crumbling house hard-by
There lives the king of dethroned dreams
The place all wishes go
To die

Wondrous Worlds

So far away —

The dreams that I dreamed as a child

Are gone. They’re gone like yesterday —

The life I’d live among the stars

Out there, somewhere, so far away —

A life of loving wondrous worlds

And science to discover them —

Perhaps the stars are still out there

But now

The gray clouds

Cover them

Piano Dreams

I have played the piano
Since I was just a boy;
To sit and plyay for hours
Has long been my great joy.

The songs I most remember
Are somewhat recondite;
But once passed through my fingers,
I dream of them at night.

Yes, I dream in piano –
The visions sweet and pure –
The soundtrack of my life is
Always in my heart for sure.

To learn to play when just a child,
Musical ecstasy:
My parents couldn’t give
A greater gift
Of love
To me

(In response to this prompt.)