What to do when one can’t sleep.

In, oh, about two hours time
Another piece will post:
Because I couldn’t sleep at all
I’ve written more than most

Who have more sense than just to sit
And churn these dang things out
Without so much as giving thought
To what they’re all about

But now I stop and think. I guess
The reason that I write
Is that although I could not sleep
I can defy
The night

A Question of Guilt

One I ask myself sometimes.

If everything I ever did
Was placed for all to see,
Could anyone who loves me now
Still stand to look at me?

Sometimes my mind blots out the past
Sometimes it still recalls:
The secret shames it always hides
To stay within these walls

For really, I have no excuse
For many things I’ve done:
Except to plead I’m human and
I’m not the only one

I think I would be cast be aside
By mere humanity:
There’d have to be a cosmic love
To forgive all
Of me

Mister Tea

An ode to a southern favorite.

Mister Tea

All day I love to gulp this stuff,
It tastes so good to me;
In hot or cold, in rain or shine,
It suits me to a T

It’s orange pekoe normally,
Though sometimes green and hot;
Down in the south we like it sweet
And look askance when not

And so I do pity the fool
Who tries to prevent me
From quaffing down my favorite drink.
Just call me

How Does It Happen

At least I got a good sunrise.

This Fitbit’s an impressive thing
Unless I’ve it misread:
It says I only slept an hour
For all my time in bed

How does it happen to a man
That sleep should him escape?
How can it be that such as me
Should be in such bad shape?

So like this band upon my wrist
I’ll hang around all day;
And uselessly, just point things out
Because I’m built that way