She brings alive the spring…

A slow unfolding.

She brings alive the spring, gives summer, heat
Makes autumn blush, and regal winter, pale
She lightly tells the truth, and shuns deceit
And leads to wonder like
  a slow unfolding tale

The primary domain of her existence
The natural, the loving, and the weird
I advocate for her, with some insistence
As seasons, glorious,
  are there to be revered

“My excuse for writing…, notwithstanding, is merely the human excuse which every new poet has for writing about the spring. ”

Excerpt From: George Santayana. “Three Philosophical Poets.” iBooks.

Only Qualifies On A Technicality

I’ll bet you know this guy.

Shiny red car
Testosterone boost
Check is late
Or never comes

Five out there
Raise those he left
Two got rings
Three got crumbs

He only qualifies as a man on a technicality
But somehow he always finds
Those with such a hunger to believe
That they’ll swallow his lies