Never Settled


Never settled, never will
Staring at an empty lot
Full of what does not fulfill
Empty of what she has not

Barren waste and eager pleasure
Sullen silence, sharp delight
Angry secrets beyond measure
Treading softly in the night

Biding pensive for a session
Ere reentering the fray
Armed with nothing but a question
She will engineer a way

Never settled, never could
Life is hard, but
Life is

Hot Dog Cart

He has to sell enough to meet his costs…

The vendor works on late into the night
As dressed-up others wend their merry ways;
He has to sell enough to meet his costs,
Then feed his family. On and on for days

And nights untold, he sets his little stall:
The powered sign, the bright eye-catching lights –
These serve to bring onlookers closer in,
Yet there have been but few of them, these nights —

The food he buys and cooks on early morns,
The stall that every day he’ll clean and spruce,
The warehouse that he stores it in at night,
The wheel there on the right that’s coming loose –

These are his life, his hours here in this place;
A large-sized man for such a little space

The Mother-Sun

“for years she gave herself away
to those she loves” […]

she’s given, long, herself away
to those she loves… and thoughtlessly
she’s poured her good looks and her youth
into these kids
who just take her for granted

the smile that launched a thousand thoughts;
the dancer’s body – so admired –
the many talents rarely shown
to children, now,
who take her presence lightly

the star of photograph and scene,
looked down upon by those she loves;
and treated as an afterthought
who barely rates
another joking comment

the sacrifice she daily makes
i know she’ll make again today;
for like the sun, she radiates,
but gets no warmth
sent back from all these planets

Her New Life

Soft-spoken doesn’t mean timid.

Into the start
Of her new life
Soft-spoken girl
With jade-green eyes

Into the heart
Of the unknown
And yearning to
Be recognized

She sets her feet
Upon the ground
Upon which she
Must make her stand

And finds it sweet
To look around
For life is good
While hopes
Are grand