My Poetic Year

A year of trial and error.

For me, it’s been a year of trial and error;
To try to write three poems every day
On average. And so I’ve been the preparer
Of one to five of these things, come what may.

The plan had been to stop these when the years ends;
A plan that I still have, for now I find
That words chase after me, and will not leave me;
That poetry afflicts by waking mind.

One month ago I saw this as a nuisance –
To daily convert feelings into scrawl –
But I now I find, I think that I will miss it
I might just be a writer
After all


= = = = =

(The idea for this post courtesy of the Daily Post’s “Daily Prompt“)


She’s a brilliant writer.

I was contacted by someone
Who lives way off in Kerala;
Whose blog I had been reading and
Whose poetry engendered awe

In me off in America
Here somewhere in the hinterlands.
To make a friend is always good;
But talent makes it own demands

I felt obliged to tell her that.
Her writing, so vibrant, alive –
A voice so brilliant and unique
Should find a place to grow and thrive –

Which she is doing, thankfully.
Reshu, my friend, may you be well:
And may your life give you the chance
To tell the tales
You tell
So well


Three hundred and nine straight days long
My current writing streak —
If that sounds, well ridiculous
And like I am a freak

Consider: in that stretch of time
I’ve a full-time career:
We’ve bought a house and moved
I’ve had to travel far and near

The pieces that I’ve written
(By my counting) are “a ton” —
One thousand and some eighty-three
Including this last one

Rough forty – yet to publish
Now its four or five a day;
And it has struck me forcibly
I can’t go on this way

So come December 31st
I plan to slack my pace:
To drastically cut down
So to rejoin the human race

And maybe spend more time on things
Outside of my own head:
Perhaps with friends or family
And in real life


101’ing Away From Home

1,000+ posts later, I start Blogging 101.

Yo blogger: introduce yourself,
Explain why you are here —
Tell why you don’t write privately,
But on the blogsophere.

Relate to us the people who
You hope this blog will reach:
What kind of questions you will ask,
The things you have to teach —

And let us know the dreams you have
For what your blog will do.
Then, soon you’ll be in readiness
For “Blogging 102”.

I read these few instructions
And I felt my spirits fall;
I hadn’t any reasons,
Not a single one at all —

Just why I started doing this
Or who I hoped would read.
I have done this obsessively
And at a breakneck speed —

I love to write and need to write
It’s healing and it’s fun —
That’s all that I could think to say
When asked to “101”


Frequently Asked Question #Only

FAQ 1 in series of 1.

My Hand
An app-generated sketch of my actual left hand. No models or stock photos used.

For all of you blog curious
Who’ve asked, I now will boast:
I’m not in any picture that
I’ve used before this post

At least, not out on this blog*.
Fifty-two point four today;
Caucasian, overweight and with
A beard that’s mostly gray

I am not female, am not young.
And that, my friends, is that:
I’d put my picture out here if
It was worth looking at

* I did show a sketch of one my eyes once, but that was a reblog from another site.