An Angry Kind of Love

They had an angry kind of love
That would erupt in passion;
They lived their dream or nightmare, then,
According to that fashion.

The picture looks so innocent:
A moonlit night for lovers —
But words of hatred always beat
What happens under

Once Upon…

Once upon a distant flooring,
We built forts for constant warring,
And for ammunition storing,
Glad we’re not still like that now.

Once upon an ancient pointing,
With self-righteousness anointing,
We were rather disappointing,
Glad we’re still not like that now.

For we’re modern and enlightened,
Moral senses keen and heightened,
Our skin bronzed and our teeth whitened,
Holier than any thou

Once upon a long-ago-ing,
There, by rivers strong and flowing,
Stupid, violent, unknowing —
Glad we’re still not like that

A Classic Car

A classic car that takes me back
To times, indeed, ere I was born;
With gleaming chrome and tires black
By beaches on a summer’s morn —

A world from movies only known,
That probably is overblown
Within a mind that pictures bliss
In salad days with rides like this