An Apathetic Man

Last night…

Last night, she gave it all to me
She gave me everything, and jazz –
But I woke up in apathy
That didn’t mean that much, you see
For nothing ever has

Last night, she told me of her dream
Of her and me in some estate;
But I said I’m not what I seem
I’m rancid milk, I am not cream
But she still thinks I’m great

Last night, she gave it all to me
She gave me everything, and jazz –
But I woke up in apathy
It doesn’t mean that much, you see
For nothing ever has

What I Don’t Remember

There are a lot of things in my life I wish I had handled differently.

The hand I held I still recall,
The lips I kissed as well;
The places that we went alone,
Each sight sound taste touch smell

But what I don’t remember
Kind of shocks me, in the end:
I don’t recall the moment when
I stopped being your friend

The moment I ceased listening
To what you had to say;
Or when I left off caring how
You went about your day

There was a time, I do recall,
You realized what had gone:
And wondered if your memories
Were real, or all a con

You moved on, sadly, while I tried
To pose as Mr. Cool —
But what I don’t remember
Is why I
Was such
A fool

One More Fish

Revisionist history, or, the stuff blogs are made of.

That summer, when I was eight,
My friend and I went fishing every day.
We’d bring home flounder, clean it,
Then my mom or dad would cook it.
It was good —

He moved away that fall, and I –
I never really fished ever again;
At least, not as a child, like I had.
I felt so grown-up catching food to eat;
And it was good —

So why then did I go a different way?
I know back then that drawing was my love,
As music later was – and that love stuck –
But I lost something, always there inside,
And doing things impractical
Although still good —

If I could go back
I’d catch one more fish
Once more to see my father’s eyes of pride
To see his unathletic son do something
To show that he might one day know
That bringing home food
Is an honorable thing

——- ——-

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”


What can I write here that I have not said
Already in this blog or somewhere else?

That I like butter thin on toasted bread,
That I am fascinated by the Celts,

That I believe in many ancient things
That few today embrace – too out of date –

That harmony, for me’s like having wings,
That nobody should constantly be late,

That pain is all around us that we miss,
That joy is all around us – and the same,

That lives can change as simply as a kiss,
That we are all at fault
But not
To blame

= = = = =

A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Advice Nobody Asked For

The following unsolicited advice has not been approved by anyone with any sense, but, here it is anyway.

If you’re not attracted to him, leave him;

Though he’s good to you, and always there –

Show him some respect, and don’t deceive him,

Let him be with someone

Who might