Star Lore 1

Another way of looking at the stars.


(The constellation most commonly known as “Orion”.)

Gaeaf, daughter of the Winter
Danced in gowns of many jewels
Suitors came from far flung kingdoms
She said all of them were fools

Came one day the regal Dagda
Disguised as a handsome youth;
But she spurned him as unworthy
Called him lowly and uncouth

So he said with voice unworldly
“Ever, maiden, will you dance
For eternity unceasing
Never will you have the chance

For the love you spurned so lightly
You will long for evermore.”
As he left, she started turning
Spinning there across the floor

One red jewel on her forehead
Blue and white her hands and core
Belt and shoes of blue gems also
Spinning, spinning ever more

Then her father, fearsome Winter
Had some pity on his child
Placed her up into the heavens
There her form, a dancer wild

But there is no beauty brighter
On the cold December night
Gaeaf, Daughter of the Winter
Loveliest celestial sight

The Road to Telegraph Creek

Just press on.

Poet: find your universal here.
This road that leads into the wilderness
Is largely empty at this time of year:
And you’ll find scant material, I fear.

Singer: sing your song of loneliness.
The day grows gray and ashen in its mien:
And here beneath a sky of carelessness
No voice is heard to comfort or to bless

Driver: drive down to the lost ravine –
The days of telegraphs have come and gone,
As past mistakes, the ghost in the machine
Stretch this road at it’s edges towards the dawn
As I let go of thought, and just
Press on

A Parent’s Fate

We do not know the ways we hurt our kids.

We do not know the ways we hurt our kids
Although we try our parents not to be;
We think if we’re not them, that is enough
And miss the faults we are too blind to see

But our kids see them everyday, and so
They build a catalog out of our sins;
And grow to want to be nothing like us
With our forgotten love
Shoved into bins