Strings break…

Strings break, and certain things are disconnected.
Strings no one even saw or thought were there:
The slight connections that define existence,
And make our fragile spirits more than air

The pinnacles we reach; or then, the valleys –
The heights we scale before our time to fall –
The strings that kept us safe go unregarded:
And trust, most precious string, breaks last of all

Rionnaird Tri-Nard #9 – Overmedication

The effects of overmedicating.

Sadness saps the server
Calls the kind for caring
Wanting what is waning
Daunting in its daring

He was here for healing
Mind of man and madness
So much junk, a jailing
Almost sunk by sadness

Promotion: Part 2

… continued from an earlier conversation.


I know you think something’s bothering me,
And there is.
I havent wanted to say
Because it’s stupid.

What is it?

You now make quite a bit
More money than me.
And I worry
That you won’t need me anymore.
That you’ll lose respect for me,
Because I’m not as successful as you are.

You are right about one thing –
That is stupid.
Why is it any different
Then when you were making
More money than me?

It’s not different, I know.
It’s just how I feel.

Look, I love you.
Nothing’s changed.
We will have more money
To plan our future with.
That’s all.

I love you, too.
I am so proud of you.
I think you’re amazing.

Then don’t worry.
Don’t make this into a bad thing.

Alright, I won’t.
Besides, this being honest about my feelings thing
Was already starting to get old