Clips & Snippets

The origin of the name of this blog.

I tend to write short poetry
A clipped discursive style;
I guess I could write longer, but –
That might take quite awhile.

And sometimes all I have to say
Are just these straggling thoughts;
Just snippets of, well, this and that.
Of these works, I have lots.

I want to write my clips and snippets,
Out here’s where I do it:
And so, that’s what I named this place –
And that’s all there is to it



(… prompted …)


Photo / Picture Credit : © Hahulini | – Surf Photo

My All-Time Favorite Summer Read

When a teenage boy gives up eating for a book, he really, really likes it.

Our bus was parked – somewhere.  A shopping mall.
Some college singers, two weeks gone nonstop:
Four hours to waste for fun, and so we all
(Except for one) got out to eat and shop.

That one, he had a book he had just bought
And started reading on that very day.
He couldn’t put it down, though thrice was sought
To join the others in the mall cafe.

The book: by Charles Dickens. And it’s plot
Concerned an older boy whose father died;
Who had to earn his keep, and learn a lot,
Who mid humiliation, kept his pride.

A book I loved and did not want to end:
That still today, I highly recommend.



(The book, by the way, was “Nicholas Nickleby” by Charles Dickens, and since my mother did not own a copy, I did not know it existed.)