Cinema of Play


This began when we began
And many times we came
To sit here in the cool, cool dark
And light our secret flame

I loved you with adventure
With action and romance
And in this very place we sat
Whenever we’d the chance.


This place is boarded up now,
Maybe they’ll renovate:
Like you and I need something
To recreate the great.

We don’t sit in the dark here,
And feel our private thrill:
And time to spend is time alone
And time’s just time to kill.


There tearing down this place today
And I don’t even know
Where you are living, or with whom
Or where you next might go.

I loved our many nights here
Our Cinema of Play
But cinemas are only dreams
Long daylight burns away.

If You Don’t Know, I Can’t Explain It


He asked me why someone like me
Would waste my time on poetry
When anything I had to say
I could just say the normal way

As blind men cannot see the light
As ostriches cannot take flight
So the prosaic cannot know
Why you or me is wired so.

Where Have You Gone, My Lonely Friend?

Sun on fhe River

Where have you gone, my lonely friend?
Why have you gone away?

I’m here by the fire, to tend my sick.
I’ll come on a better day.

Where are you hiding, my lovely friend?
Why I can’t I hear your song?

I’m singing at home, though my voice is tired
You’ll hear it, I’m sure, before long.

Why are you crying, my lovesome friend?
How can I calm your fears?

Just sing me a song, like we used to sing
In the time before all of these tears.

Why are you sleeping, my lovelost friend?
Why has your music gone still?

The sun’s on the river
The moon has gone down
And winter hangs hard on this homely town
The last leaf has fallen
Where no one could see
And so it has been between you and me
And so will it ever be.

Where have you gone, my lonely friend?
Why have you gone away?