Hotel Beleaguer

The opportunity of a lifetime.

Life force zapped? Resources meager?
Come stay at Hotel Beleaguer
Fountains full of wine and honey
And it doesn’t cost much money
You can spend the night with me
And the whole thing’s almost free

I just need a work deposit
Like, could you clean out my closet
Do my yard work, empty trash
Feed my dog — in lieu of cash
Credit cards or payment plans
You can use your own two hands

Stay with me, a gem I am
Although, with my pseudonym
I will be in a disguise
Dressed as Burger King french fries
So if all this has you eager
Come stay at
Hotel Beleaguer

[Note – My house looks nothing like the photo, which is of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.]

Subhuman Ethics

The man contemptuous.

Now lo, the man contemptuous
With disagreements strenuous
Those of the past
Were lower caste
And he’s not disingenuous

For only he knows right and wrong
Alone, among the blighted throng
Yes, he knows more
Than folks before
And he can tell you all day long

He looks out over history
Finding humans quite blistery
And cannot ken
How, from such men
Came he – it’s quite the mystery

Skipping Steps

That stuff takes time.

Perhaps because everything we want to know
Is there instantaneously:
We’ve the modern tendency just to expect –
By bad analogy –

That we, in relationships, just can skip steps.
Which makes no sense at all:
For humans are not information age bots,
We can’t walk till we crawl.

For instance, I think, at the minimum, we
Must meet to fall in love:
I also think if we’re to co-habitate
Each must be worth of

Full trust in the other. And that stuff takes time.
But we constantly slip
By jumping head without testing the ground
Past all the steps
We skip

F. M. Y.

What it stands for is in the poem.

My body wants to stretch, I need to breathe
I need air in my muscles and my mind;
To slowly unwind all I daily wreathe
Where expectations, truths are intertwined

I slowly inhale, sink into a pose
My fat man’s yoga, done here in the den
And while ridiculous, as you’d suppose
It helps me feel
Like I’m myself