And She

I never knew it before now.

How could you think you knew my heart?
I never knew it before now.
For all my misdeeds have, somehow,
Become just one small tiny part

Of life as it was meant to be.
This day, this moment, yes, this breath
Make right my voyage, birth to death:
And she’s now each and all
To me

Men, Tears and Music

Being a man…

I rarely cry.
I am a guy.
That’s how we are;
I don’t know why.

Don’t think it rude,
Being a dude:
Instead of tears,
We’ll opt for food.

I’ve no tear ban,
Being a man.
So what can do
It? Music can.

I’ll hear a song –
Maybe not long –
The beauty there
Will sneak in strong.

Before I know,
I just let go
And a few drops
Will start to flow.

The don’t go far;
But I don’t bar
Those straying tears
There in my car.

I don’t know why
That’s how we are:
I am a guy,
I rarely





To Laugh

It’s good to laugh.

It’s good to laugh.
I know it’s good.
And I would laugh more
If I could

But these days
Laughter’s hard to find
With pain and pressures
On my mind

I come out here
And read all you:
Your thoughts, impressions,
What you do

And meditate
Upon our drives:
Would we be friends
In our real lives?

For friends:
Life is so serious
The moments stray

That we can find
To merely laugh
Are all the wheat
Amid the chaff

I wish, today
For all of you
That laughter’s there
To help you through

In every land
And type belief:
The end
It always comes
With grief


Oh, my life is so perfect…

Oh, my life is so perfect
You really just don’t know.
But everywhere I go’s a kind of
Fantasy on show

I’m very rich and clever,
Surrounded by my friends.
There not some sort of entourage
Just after their own ends

I soak up rays beneath the sun
With all my gals and fellas;
Then send out selfies to you all
So you can be more jealous

The wonder of my life is such
You likely don’t believe:
I understand. Hey, few of you
Could really quite conceive

How much my words are full of lies
Yes, each and every one:
I’m just a grieving father
Who’s been losing
His own