Bravery keeps going.


Bravery keeps going

Rises when sleep is the body’s clear preference
Starts its day while others are still enjoying their night

Keeps aiming for the goal, even as life’s vicissitudes rage
Builds, where there are few tools, and no known plans for success
Stretches every faculty to make the world safer, surer, better

For it is valiance in its purest form, bravery without selfishness
That faces hardships out of love, and never surrenders

And that will ever live on

Banana Republic

On image versus reality.

Banana Republic

I took my butt down to the store
To cover it with clothes;
But found, no matter what I bought
I didn’t look like those
Who model this stuff. Not a bit.
I, looked, to be exact –
Like someone kind of overweight
Trying to hide the fact.

It’s strange: the tyranny of hope
From which such action springs;
To buy a whole new wardrobe
Is just one type of these things.
But yet, the signs was there to see
Fair warning for to give;
A Banana Republic
Is no place I need to live.

Intra-Marital Contrast

This is pretty much what’s going on at my house right now.

Bartok String Quartet 6

Now, she’s over there upon her side,
And I’m over here upon mine;
If marriages are made of contrasts,
We two should be doing just fine

We’re each of us playing our music,
And getting our musical kicks;
While she’s listening to her Motown,
I’ve got Bartok String Quartet 6

We must have spaces in our marriage
And I think that is for the best;
So while she is dancing and joyous,
I over here bleak and depressed

Poem Written In The Style of Spam

I may publish “A Spammer’s Guide to English” next.

Fine way of describing
And nice paragraph to get
Information concerning my
Presentation focus, which I
Am going to present in Academy

You share interesting things here
I think that your blog can go
Viral easily, but you must give it
Initial boost and I know how
To do it, just search in Google
“Random Spammer’s traffic method”

When someone writes an paragraph
He/She retains the thought of a
User in His/Her mind — that how
A user can know it.
Therefore that’s why this
Article is perfect.


Insomniad #3

How much more can I take?

I lie awake and dream that I am sleeping
I fall asleep and dream that I’m awake;
I don’t know if I’m coming or I’m going
I do not know how much more I can take

You came to me in dreams when I was younger
You teased me with desire and delight
You ghosted then away as in a nightmare
You left me here
To wrestle
With the night

Lunchtime Lunacy

I have no explanation for this poem.

Destin Lunch

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered
Here to eat
Some lunch

Beneath the sky
Beside the Gulf
Please be prepared
To munch

As this is quite
And should make your waist

Please prepare to
Kill this meal
As though your name was
Charles Mansive