He asked me…

He asked me, “Man, what am I supposed to do?”
I told him that I could not answer that.
“You’ve seen her, dude, you’ve know this woman, too;
I don’t think I can stop from where we’re at.”

I had no answers, none. No dim advice
‘Bout who it was he loved and owed his weal;
He said at home, his heart had turned to ice,
And there, no longer, did he really feel.

He left. My counsel he’d not really sought.
I knew the girl, and hoped he would be wise,
And win the sordid battle that he fought
As I had not, when I looked in those eyes

= = = =

(Not a true story. – Owen)

Three Friends

Our friendship now.

Just like our friendship now,
We three have become two:
I do not know what happened
Between her, and me, and you —

I don’t recall a mishap
Or a quarrel, or a slight —
But since a part was broken
The whole set
Just isn’t


Photo credit :  © Jinlin Yu | Dreamstime.com