Five Stories – 5 – The Water Falls

They didn’t really mean to hurt each other…

They came out here to try to reignite
The passion they had lost along the way.
But as before, small words became a fight
That left them glowering amid the day.

They hiked in silence up to Ozone Falls
A magic place that neither gave a glance;
As both were locked behind defensive walls;
A type of ritual, a rite, a dance.

But as they stood he saw the water fall
Unwanted from the corners of her eyes;
And he, regretting, spoke his only words
To say he’s sorry, and apologize

Their broken love seemed old and tottering
But sometimes all it needs
Is watering

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Thanks to Dana Renee for this post. She has challenged me with the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.

I would like to nominate Everyone In The Known Universe* to participate in this challenge.




* I hereby plead “not guilty” of marginalizing anyone.

Diatribe During Counseling

“She says that I don’t love her…”

He said:

What am I s’posed to do?
Who am I s’posed to be?
There are so fricking many things
Expected out of me

I work myself to death, and then
When I walk in the door
She’s always saying I do nothing
And that she wants more

And I am just like, “Screw this.
Screw you. Just screw everything.”
I’m tired and I’m pissed
And I’m about to snap my string

She says that I don’t love her –
Yeah: that’s what she freaking said –
Who needs this crap. I’ll go be with
My damned mistress

Rionnaird Tri-Nard #5 – Deforestation

“Bark now bent and splintered…”

Forest of our fathers
Felled by jealous giants
Slayers of the sylvan
Player’s moral pliance

Bark now bent and splintered
Wooded cries are chorused:
Thick the thrill of thralldom
Cutthroats kill the forest

The Lone Green Wood

Tomorrow is not coming.

Tomorrow is not coming
And the past not understood;
And so I’ll spend my last day here
Amid the lone green wood

The grass is thick and verdant
Where the sun has lately shown:
And though we live in company
We always die alone

At least, until the other side
Is reached.  I hope to see
The many lost within the wood
Who long ago
Left me





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Photo credit : © Amid | – Green Forest Photo

Blushing Rose

Beautiful words here.

Through the Fog poetry


Do you see me,
Blushing for only you…
Trying so hard,
I know you notice.
I want you to know me,
To stop and smell me…
Breathe me in.

I know I have thorns,
But I am conscious of them.
Pay me some attention,
I promise I’ll try
Not to dig in
Too hard,
If I leave marks,
Please consider
Them souvenirs…


-Day two of the “Five Photos, Five Stories” challenge.

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A Poor Lament

It’s not very Hollywood.

So, yeah, our life
It looks like this –
And it’s not very Hollywood

That doesn’t mean
That you should leave –
Or that we do not have it good

There’s more to life
Then empty show –
There’s love and laughter on this ride

Don’t leave me now
Because we’re poor –
Don’t make me beg
Leave me
Some pride

Diatribe on Not Listening

He doesn’t listen.

I try to talk and you don’t listen
You just do not care —
Your mind is always someplace else
It might be anywhere

I thought that we were partners, equals
But you seem to feel
That you can treat me as though I
Was not here, or, not real

Early days, you paid attention
Asked about my day;
Now your mind is on the ball game
Not on what I say

You’re a jerk and you’re infertile,
And look like a cow.
That seems mean, but I know
You’re not list’ning