A Steady Diet

I wish to be delivered, daily, please.

I wish to be delivered, daily, please
From “scientists” with liberal arts degrees.
They lecture me, at length, about my diet;
And speak when wiser minds might just be quiet.

They’ve never done the daily work of science,
But got it from a book they somewhere read:
And now, they’d cow the whole world to compliance
Engorged, themselves, upon what they’ve been fed.

But there’s no telling them they might be wrong,
They know how all of us can be improved –
It went into them like a sort of song:
It’s in their heads, and now
It can’t be


The junior colleague on the team…

The junior colleague on the team,
IQ about a million:
She’s found mistakes in their accounts
That add up to a billion

She’s very nice, she’s very smart,
And they’re all at a loss –
Though she’s the junior colleague, she
Should really be
The boss

How Could I Not?

I’m overwhelmed, it’s true.

Now don’t you fall in love with me…

But oh, how could I not?

You’re here, then you’ll be history…

Then I do not know squat.

You words all seemed to disappear…

I’m overwhelmed, it’s true:

So why not come on over here?

I’ll fall in love with you

Blue Ridge Mountain Journey

A very early morning destination.

I rise when it is nighttime still,
I leave the last gray city street;
To drive the endless countryside
  As darkness shrouds around me, like a sheet

But as the sun begins to rise
The Blue Ridge mountains come in view
And, creeping, I begin the climb
  That takes me up to where I’m going to

And now, an hour into light
The country there before me spreads;
The cool and smoky air I breathe
  While those I love are yet within their beds

The prospect there before me wakes
The goal of this, my lonely drive:
Inspired by its beauty, I
  Drive home again
  Quite glad to be

= = = = =

(Inspired by this prompt.)

Photo credit : © Stahrj | Dreamstime.com – Blue Ridge Mountains Rock Formation In Summer. Photo

Run Free

… today.

And so my friend
Run free today
Beside the shore
Along the way

Run to the things
You want to see
Unbridled go
And just run free

The steps you run
Will be your own
Your destiny
Has not been shown

Except that it
Is coming due:
Run free, my friend
It’s up
To you


or, idle hope.

insanity, or idle hope
sends tigers bloody through my mind
and like a climber without rope
i fall a hundred stores at a time –

insane, or maybe sleep-deprived
in pools of anguish and regret
unlikely, now, to be revived
within the jungles of this bassinet

incisors gleaming
victims screaming
can’t wake up from
violent dreaming

tigers hungry
angry, tawdry,
slips of paper
in the laundry

don’t know why
the cabinet’s closed
cannot find the
garden hose

separated from my brother
father, sister, children, mother
in the forest well disguised
hypnotized and paralyzed

freedom in the waking death
last few seconds free of breath

tiger leaping slashing clawing
it was just a stupid drawing
come to life and come to dying
maybe sleep will come
i’m trying