Only Qualifies On A Technicality

I’ll bet you know this guy.

Shiny red car
Testosterone boost
Check is late
Or never comes

Five out there
Raise those he left
Two got rings
Three got crumbs

He only qualifies as a man on a technicality
But somehow he always finds
Those with such a hunger to believe
That they’ll swallow his lies

I had a dream of peaceful boats
Each piloted by talking goats
Who drank too much fermented oats
And got as fat as Macy’s floats

It might have seemed a little weird
For drunken goats on boats are feared
By all who ever by them steered
Ran into rocks, while bison cheered

I wish my dreams would go away
Some new ones, maybe, of parquet
Would bring this place some more cachet
Than goats on boats in Bison Bay

Have Some Wine

It’s good.

Have some wine, my friend. It’s good:
It might make you happy –
Just don’t drink so much that you
Go and get all sappy

Watch out for that dark-haired guy,
He’s your kind of cute:
I think that he’s trouble, though,
And engaged to boot

Have some wine, and so will I.
We’re both in our prime:
Friends who have each other’s backs
Having a
Good time

Threads of Realization – 2

Page and quotation from “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” by Thomas Gray.

Elegy Illustrated by Blake

This woman who to me gave life and birth
Now sixteen hundred empty miles away
Her voice weak, cracking on the other end
As she describes the limits of her day

She read to me when I was just a child
She knew these poems, and she loved them well —
“The paths of glory lead but to the grave”
The paths of righteousness lead there, as well

what mark?

what mark will you leave on the world?

what mark will you leave on the world?
will it be love or beauty?
or will it be simplicity,
devotion to one’s duty?

will you give all in fighting or
give all to entertain?
will your life be about you or
some type of greater gain?

do you want to be heard by many?
or work on unseen?
advance us all in knowledge, or
perhaps you’ll intervene

to help the poor and suffering,
or light a child’s spark;
you have now the ability
so what will be
your mark?

A Critic’s Response to “She Pulled It Off”

Never let it be said we don’t give time to opposing viewpoints here. – Owen


(Never let it be said we don’t give time to opposing viewpoints here. – Owen)

Dear Mr. Servant:

This post I found offensive.
For it seemed to provide
A woman with no clothes on.
At least, that was implied.

I do not read your poetry
For mere licentiousness;
“She pulled it off,” indeed.
Your whole dang blog’s become a mess.

I will not be a party to
Some other WordPress whore:
So cancel my subscription,
I’m not reading anymore.

I read these words in wonder.
Could this person be real?
The woman in that piece had just
Pulled off a business deal.

Which her close friends had doubted.
I thought it only zen
To celebrate her talent and
Her business acumen.

But somehow, he saw something else
Not a pure celebration;
But poets always have been prone
To misinterpretation.

But wait a minute, one more thing,
I knew that sounded funny –
This guy had a subscription?
Who’s been getting
All the money?