The Fantasies Men Have


Man Woman

Don’t know about all men
I haven’t met them all, you see;
I’m not sure that they’re all the same
With just one fantasy

That all guys have in common. In spite
Of what some might say:
There are as many fantasies
As men alive today

Times fifty-thousand, probably,
For each one has a lot.
The dreams that they’re awash in, sometimes,
Are all that they’ve got.

The fantasies men have, therefore,
Should be handled with care:
To make our dreams come true is all
That we can hope
Or dare



Okay, you weren’t my first
But you are in no way
To anyone

Everyone else
Was preparation
Just unsatisfying appetizers
On the way
To a spectacular main course

I couldn’t have known I’d meet you
So I didn’t live my whole life as though I would

Although I see now
That the life I did live
Was perfect preparation
For appreciating how wonderful you are

You my dear
Are second
To no one

Not even

For a second



I know
That if he’d tried
To keep his promises to you
You’d still be with him
And not with me

I know
That he will always be
The father of your children
And I’ll always be
Your second husband

I know
He got there first
He was first in your heart
And even though
You all but despise him now

In some way

He’ll always be first