Sunset Soccer

Sunset Soccer

Sunset soccer, Fall football
No one notices at all
Light that fades at close of day
In that group of boys at play

Breathless with their motion’s heat –
Focus on the game, complete –
Heart and mind and strength and will
Sunset soccer

Motel Shadow

Mentioning the Motel Shadow
Briefly brings a passing pang;
For her tortured teenage lover
In the days rebellion rang

All about her and within her
When defiance, fierce and free
Drove her daily to destruction
Motel Shadow’s canopy

While the former flame had flickered
She her sheltered shyness shed;
He had dithered to addiction
Foremost his fixation fed

Mentioning the Motel Shadow
Was demolished yesterday;
Sudden sorrow in her visage
Just as quickly
Went away

Terri’s Been Telling Me


Terri’s been telling me I need to quit
She’s been beseeching my heart quite a bit
Every morning and every night
Terri’s been telling me, “This isn’t right”

Terri, she works on a different floor
Yet, twice a day, she will be at my door
Telling me, “Man you are out of control
What good’s all this, when you’re losing your soul?”