The Happy Bus – Do I Get On?

The Happy Bus

If I have memories of happy times

Is it a tragedy that those times are gone

Or a blessing I ever had them?

For I can choose one or the other

I can let happiness continue

Or continually mourn its loss

Ode to the World Cup

The World Cup

Association football was
Invented by some men
Determined to make sure that I
Will find no peace again

I suffer through each pass and shot
Exhausted, and used up;
Instead of what it’s called, it should
Be called the Worried Cup

But I’ll be back until the end
And each quadrennial year
Association football
Is my opiate, I fear

A Cross of Gold


His daughter wears a cross of gold
Above her heart, around her neck;
A present from her favorite aunt
That she received a few years back.

At night she reads and then she prays,
And settles down for loving rest;
His daughter, with her cross of gold
The grace he knows and loves the best.

Nocturnal Creatures

[A poem by Beleaguered Servant]

The night knows its own.


The Night Man

The night spreads out its gloomy arms
Embracing minds befogged with hate
Who linger in a shadowed world
Where sickened spirits congregate

They cannot come into the light
For to be seen is agony
The night will always welcome them
The dregs of our humanity

A Verse Review: Heroes of Burke County

Heroes of Burke County


“It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heroes.”

– Louis Kossuth

I’m guessing not too many folks
Would see this film the way I do
But it’s my blog, these are my thoughts
And this is my dang film review

I admire those who try
To do something that others can’t
I admire those who some
Would look down on as miscreant

This film, it documents such men.
They try to entertain a crowd
And while they are not world renown
I think that they can be quite proud

That they both came and overcame.
And yes, the whole thing’s quite bizarre,
But heroes are made of such as this –
Burke County Heroes? – So they are.

Soy Estate

Soy Field
Field of soy. Isn’t it beautiful?

Yes, I am a soy farmer

And I know you eat my product.

But then

You all tease me about it.

Saying, “You’re just a poor soy from a poor family” —


People make fun of me for being a poor soy farmer

I say, “Hey —

You shouldn’t

Kikkoman while he’s down.”