The art of convincing people
To hate others

I see people’s pride in their heritage
And I understand and appreciate it
As they understand and appreciate mine

And we have no problems

For the true International community
Is comprised of people
Who don’t want to tell everyone else
How to live

Russell T. Vampant

Chicken Salad

Russell T. Vampant went to the store
Intending to buy chicken salad;
Russell T. wanted to find so much more
Vampant thought his life invalid

RTV went then to see a young Miss
Who was extremely obliging;
Russ thought that he could soon make herself his
Which she found rather surprising

She chatted briefly, then threw RT out
He went to his destination;
Russell T. Vampant brought home the food
Knowing now what was his station

Two Poems – “Rondo” and “The Great Invisible”

These two pieces were my second and third poetry posts. I thought I would reshare for any newer readers.

No Talent For Certainty



The story’s new, the day has just begun
And eyes shine brightly in the morning sun
Which runs its smooth quotidian arc
To hand the same old story to the dark.



I am the great invisible –
Not a part of any story,
Biding in no category,
Somewhere, lost in inventory,
Covered up, inside a drawer:

I am the great invisible –
Advance words, but you repel them,
Have vague hopes, but you dispel them,
Comments – but then I misspell them,
Taken into un-rapport.

I am the one who isn’t here –
Never, never I assail you,
I don’t try, so I don’t fail you,
Passing by, I will not hail you,
I, your conscience guarantor.

I am the great, although unseen –
I the one who’s never harried,
Always dragged, and never carried
When asleep, or when I’m buried
I’m no less when I’m…

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Dealing With Delay


I don’t know too many people
Who inherit patient genes
For the most part, we must learn it
Through frequent delay vaccines

Learning patience in the small things
Means the big things we can face:
When we find delays are rampant
Patience is a saving grace

The Happy Bus – Do I Get On?

The Happy Bus

If I have memories of happy times

Is it a tragedy that those times are gone

Or a blessing I ever had them?

For I can choose one or the other

I can let happiness continue

Or continually mourn its loss

Ode to the World Cup

The World Cup

Association football was
Invented by some men
Determined to make sure that I
Will find no peace again

I suffer through each pass and shot
Exhausted, and used up;
Instead of what it’s called, it should
Be called the Worried Cup

But I’ll be back until the end
And each quadrennial year
Association football
Is my opiate, I fear