Let’s Say Ta —

Let’s say ta —

To Minolta

And to Sparta

Let’s say ta —

To calamata

And some hot pancetta

And to a cold Fanta

Let’s say ta —

To a good fermata

To operetta

To a beautiful arietta

Or a wonderfully structure sonata

Maybe we won’t say ta —

To quota

Or capita

Or strata

But I would say ta —

To some ricotta

To a hot fajita

Or a real Greek pita


Internal Transcript

V for Vendetta

I don’t approve of parents “disowning” their children
But I understand what motivates it

No one can reject you as completely
As your own child
All the while,
Wearing the mantle of martyr
In doing it

They disavow everything you stand for
They ridicule and mock everyone like you
Then say they seek your approval

But they don’t:

You don’t seek the approval
Of people you DESPISE

They have all the approval they need from their peers
They all think and say the same things

And without having contributed a thing to the world
Stand ready to burn it to the ground

And remake it in their perfect image

The Underlying Logic of Certain Popular Movements


I am so great, and live so well,
That I can pretty safely tell
All people how to live their lives,
And how the world should be.

Without the weight of irony,
Not burdened by humility,
I’ll tell you all, with certainty,
What you should get for free.

I know so much, so perfectly;
I understand life’s tragedy.
And without precedent, am wise –
So – just listen to me.