Hoarder’s Folly

Everything given is taken away,
This is what life’s about;
Many can face this with firm belief,
Others are filled with doubt

So stacking up things brings us comfort, perhaps,
If the things that matter most —
But much that we hoard will seem useless and vain
When we are but
A ghost

Contemporary Carnal Quandary

Why buy the cow, they used to say,
If you get milk for free?
Who needs relationships at all
When there’s pornography?

Reality’s an awful mess,
Requires compromise –
But fantasies are bargain priced
For ready willing guys

For what we want so badly,
Is right there – to make us new men:
To have human connection without
Having to be human

And maybe all this tends to make
Our ‘loves’ feel lost and quite small:
To find that what we want from them
Is really not them
At all

Everyone Who Knocked

Everyone who knocked then
Gained admittance;
All were welcome
None were set apart

The heavens opened wide
For us in wonder;
And nature spoke to us
Straight from the heart

Of how much we could see
If our eyes opened;
Of how much we could hear
If we’d but try

Yes, everyone who knocked
Was told to enter;
Including vagrants, lost
Like you and I

Harvest Time

All my life, I’ve made my choices
Heard some and tuned out some voices
Owing many, by some owed;
Reaped exactly what I sowed

What all’s wrong I still can’t tell ya
As a parent, been a failure
Spent long hours on this road:
Reaped exactly what I sowed

Have been luckier than many
Seen more uses than a penny
Tried to live by, like, a code:
Reaped exactly what I sowed

Still, in all, I’ve found a portal
Understanding I’m but mortal
And from where all blessings flowed:
Reaped exactly

Piano Bar

I’m appalled at how I spent my nights —
A type of Muzak for the well-to-do —
And if it hadn’t paid so very well
I’d rather’ve cleaned out cages in a zoo

The years I studied classics through long hours,
The awesome heights their genius understood;
Was now reduced to decorative noise,
A prostitute who wasn’t even

Mood Swings

And fast the heart beats
As we stretch in the air
For just a time —
To fly

A thousand defeats
With our ev’ry last care
Will vanish with
That high

But then we will land –
For the moment will die –
It just goes away
So fast

The last thought we banned –
That we know we can’t fly –
Will bring us down
At last