My Apology


If I was on trial for just being me
I do not think it would go well:
I’ve always been me from what all I can see
And will be, from what I can tell.

I tried to be someone else once, to find out
If this could work out as a plus:
But found with alarm and complete lack of doubt
That I was still he was still us.

And so all of me must continue to be
My own most consistent amigo;
Though friend to myself I might be, ardently
I still cannot leggo my ego.

A Modern Social “Impossibility”

Social Impossibility

The restaurant was far away
And sort of hard to find
The wine they had was so, so good
They’d never tried that kind

And every word she said
He seem to drink in with his eyes
And her admiring him
Was something she did not disguise

So when they got back home
They traveled swiftly to the bed
And acted out their feelings
As they’d done the night they wed

I promise, it’s not fictional —
This isn’t just a hoax —
That love can sometimes still be found
Among the married folks

My Acceptance Speech

Academy Awards

I would like to thank the members of the Academy
I say, “I would like to,” but
None of them voted for me

I would like thank my choreographer
Who would have known that “Judgment at Nuremburg”
Could be made into an interpretive dance

I would like to thank my parents
Without their support
I might have ended up
A pseudononymous Internet poetry blogger

I would like to think my teachers and coaches
Who taught me so many great things
Except for having to read “Lord of the Flies”
And having to run laps
On second thought, forget the part about teachers and coaches

I would like to thank WordPress
For giving all of us a platform
From which to launch ourselves
Into the lake of publishing
Which, it turns out,
Has two feet of water in it

Of Yore, When I Had Troubles


Of yore, when I had troubles
This thought made me less sad:
I’ve never missed a single thing
That I have never had.

But then one day I realized
What expectation does:
It made me feel I’d lost something
That never really was.

So all this loss and sorrow
Was building up frustrations:
Until I learned to lose for good
My foolish expectations.