Feeling Secure and Other Feelings

Wanting to Belong

Most people seek out family,
A place to feel secure –
This feeling doesn’t lessen
As we gradually mature

Sometimes, the groups we join would like
To shape our thoughts and form us;
And what we give up to fit in
Can be a thing enormous

‘Cause joining for approval
Is a tricky situation:
For we will feel as we feel, with
Or without, validation

Friendship Observed

Dramatic representation.
Dramatic representation.

Three women who were clearly friends
Sat laughing at their table
They stayed there, telling stories
For as long as they were able

I still recall just seeing them
And it might seem outrageous —
But that much friendship, love and joy
Is lastingly contagious

Parking Lot Morality

Parking Lot

Consider your basic parking lot
Or maybe you would rather not
But there you see what people are
As they attempt to park their car

First: everything goes, I’d say
For people drive in any way
That suits them, never mind the rules:
Those things are for those other fools

Second – this one is for sure –
What no one saw, did not occur.
They’ll scrape somebody’s car by chance
Then leave without a second glance

And then, I guess, I would say last
That people drive way too damn fast
As though their silly shopping spree
Was some sort of emergency

No rules, no right, and with great haste
This is the way our time we waste
No inch, no quarter do we give
For people park just as they live

Love Is Really Kind of Amazing and Stuff


My wife is my companion
She puts up with a lot
I’m not too good with people
And handy I am not

I love her to distraction
And find, amazingly
That even after all this time
She’s still in love with me