Beach Couples Silhouettes

If I could stop what’s happening to me
If I could make it go away
I would
I’d stay here forever with you

But our forever’s coming to a close
And I won’t be here to see
Our children and grandchildren anymore

I don’t know why it’s my time now
But it is

And when I am gone
Know always that I was and am grateful

And that no man ever felt more fortunate
With the time he was given
Than me

The Widower

The Widower

He struggles to get out of bed
But manages at last
And packs his uniform
To work he goes

Though some might ask what’s in his head
They think his time has passed
He should stay nice and warm
Just take repose

But out into a windy day
And past the rumbling throng
The distance soon is made
Though step unsure

At work, his time has purpose
For at home, he always found
His thoughts would just get lost
In missing her

Intergalactic Scandal


The Milky Way’s gone trailer park
Our galaxy’s low-rent
Just in case you’re wondering
Where all the sane folks went

A bunch who used to live here
Moved into M-81
And others went for Barnard’s
Thinking that place would be fun

But meanwhile, they’ve let people in
Whom I cannot explain
Who put mayo on hot dogs
And no doubt will do again

Breaking Stereotypes: Believers


I belive that I believe – and more: that you do too –
But don’t think we believe the same,
Nor that we’re likely to.

I feel not need nor right to say how you should think or live:
But still observe we all believe
That is our perspective