Lunchtime Lunacy

I have no explanation for this poem.

Destin Lunch

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered
Here to eat
Some lunch

Beneath the sky
Beside the Gulf
Please be prepared
To munch

As this is quite
And should make your waist

Please prepare to
Kill this meal
As though your name was
Charles Mansive


It will happen soon, we know.

Blue Mountain Florida - Storm Coming

It will happen soon, we know
The sun will disappear;
The world fall into darkness
And our hearts plunge into fear

That shakes our fragile vanity,
Our dreams that we’re in charge:
We’ll know again how slight we are
Amidst a world so large

It’s not that bad things happen
For we know, again, they must:
It’s that our lives are built on sand
In which we’ve placed our trust

The winds blow into every life
And rain falls on us all;
It’s only self-importance
That’s destroyed
When we feel

Piano Dreams

I have played the piano
Since I was just a boy;
To sit and plyay for hours
Has long been my great joy.

The songs I most remember
Are somewhat recondite;
But once passed through my fingers,
I dream of them at night.

Yes, I dream in piano –
The visions sweet and pure –
The soundtrack of my life is
Always in my heart for sure.

To learn to play when just a child,
Musical ecstasy:
My parents couldn’t give
A greater gift
Of love
To me

(In response to this prompt.)