Capturing Moments

Captured Moments

I notice I seldom write about
The things that occupy my day;
Instead, choosing to focus on
These little thoughts that come my way

I write, edit, then put aside
Sometimes forgetting what I wrote:
I do not compose symphonies
Just here a tone and there a note

But hope in doing so, I can
Bring order to this tangled mass:
To tell a story, paint a scene
And capture moments
As they pass

The Get-Ready

Appearance is everything?

Dressed Up

Every hair was in place
And nothing seen on her face
Unless she put it there

Clothes were chosen for maximum effect
Emerging from her bedroom
She was a perfect work of art

So careful she was
So meticulous in her presentation
She almost fooled herself

The Misnomer Uses of Mathematics

I might have gotten a few of these wrong.

Mathematical Theory

Mathematical is useful for modern life. There is:

  • Game theory – for dating
  • Obstruction theory – for when you ask government for something
  • Braid theory – for doing your daughter’s hair
  • Distribution theory – for trying to manage a budget
  • Invariant theory – for dealing with death
  • Chaos theory – for raising a family

But don’t despair you Arithmophobes

No knowledge of any of these subjects has actually helped anyone deal with the practical problems of life

Except managing a budget

Which is stubbornly a mathematical thing

In the end


First Night

… in a new home.

Open Door

Last night was our first
In our new place to live
My wife, my golden and me;

And we were up moving
And unpacking things
Until roughly a quarter to three.

There’s much more to do
In the next week or so
Till we are completely moved in;

But soon, very soon –
The old house door will close
Which we will not open again

And then we’ll drive off
From the home that we loved
At give one last backward look:

But that is the way.
When the old chapter’s done
You have to get on with the book.

If My Eyes Had The Power

Would that it were so.

Slow Dancing Outdoors

If my eyes had the power
To reflect your beauty
You would know
And never have another doubt

If my hands could transfer
The warmth you make me feel
You would know
I would climb the face of any cliff
To be with you

If you could share for a moment
The scent of my passion for you
You would know
You are loved wholeheartedly

If my words were but better vessels
To carry to you half of what I feel
You would know
And never again doubt
That you are cherished