The Grieving Versus The Aggrieved

Dedicated to Grieving Mothers

Maybe you don’t believe
But if you do, even a little
You recognize that grief is sacred

You don’t intrude on it
You don’t impose on it
You don’t use it

But while grief abounds
In every corner and shadow of this and every land
People seek to turn it to their various uses


Do we not recognize the essential tragedy of this life?
Do we really think that we can control the hallowed sadness of others for our own purposes?

Are we that haughty and that amoral?

Do we respond to harm done to others with sympathy?

Or with slogans?


Covered Bridge, Thomaston, GA

The feet, the wheels, the wagons that came through here
Can still be heard by those with ears to hear
The covering protects their holy mem’ries
Enabling them, perhaps, to reappear

The days are gone when everything was covered
The elements of life are on us all
And every move we make is tracked and charted
To be retrieved when we’ve gone past the wall

A Few Painful Truths

If you are under-challenged
You’ll be called hyperactive

It’s easy to be virtuous
When you are unattractive

When girls think boys are all the same
That’s what they’re sure to find

Since eyes point out instead of in
We’re, all of us, self-blind

Warning: People’s Feelings May Be More Important Than They Appear


Adolescent fantasies?
You say that with a sneer
I’m guessing you don’t know
How gangs arise

For anyone of any age
One thing is very clear
Treat feelings soberly
Or pay the price

1928 Store Window

Atwater Kent Radio Equipment Display
Atwater Kent Radio Equipment Display

A woman I know is ninety-two
When she was six years old
Living in Georgia
The window display above was being seen
In New York City

For the well-to-do
Far from the rural life of the south
Dreams of a wired future
Were on display

Pooley cabinets, normal cabinets
Models 30, 32 and 35
With and without H horns
Were the absolute leading edge of technology

Things far too primitive for us rural-dwellers now
Were once the height
Of urban sophistication