The Husks The Swine Did Eat

"The Prodigal Son" - John Macallan Swan
“The Prodigal Son” – John Macallan Swan

When I was restless
I could calm my restlessness with the knowledge
That one day I would get my inheritance
And I made that happen sooner rather than later

When I was bored
I could distract myself
With the use of my new inheritance
And so I did, every way I could think of

But now that I am hungry
There is nothing
That can get my mind off of it
And not a thing I can do about it

Statistical Myths #3


People who work with statistics all know
In this and in every nation
What seems to be cause is quite often not so
Causation is not correlation

For instance, the number of churches there are
Seems very correlative to
The number of taverns and bars that are there
And this fact has long, long been true

But one’s not the cause of the other, in spite
Of what you might think of salvation;
They both grow because of a third thing, which is:
Expansion of the population