I’m No Detective

This didn’t actually happen.

Oh My

He said:

” I’m no detective

How was I supposed to know

That you would fall in love with me

You’ve never let it show

We work together, side-by-side

And have, for the last year;

And if I’d thought you cared for me

Then I would have stayed clear

Of situations like we’re in

With you right next to me;

I see your eyes up close to mine

Your hand is on my knee

I think we need to stop right now

Oh, it’s too late my friend;

Look, I am no detective, but

We should do that again.”

The Power Plant

It was a very long walk…

Nature Trail

The day was hot and heavy
Honeysuckle in the air
The bees and flies were buzzing
I could feel them everywhere

And, sweating on the dusty path
That led out of the woods
I skirted by the country club
And golf course neighborhoods

And down the shell-path road I went
To a barbed-wire fence;
Behind that was the power plant
Which was, of course, immense

It sat before me, humming
Smoke and lights in bright array
Just as the shift was changing
Toward the closing of that day

I sat and watched the sun go down
The people down below;
Then headed to the dorm room that
I’d left four hours ago

Why walk eight miles in summer heat?
Why sit there by the hour?
Well, I was young and full of thought
And, I guess, drawn
To power

Power Plant


Oh, Miranda


You have the right to remain amazing

Anything you say or do is liable to change your life, mine and that of countless others

You have the right to be where you want, when you want, with who you want, in the present and in the future

If you decide to to change your life today, with or without any special someone present, you may: your life is your own to do with as you please

Knowing and understanding your life as I have explained it to you, are you willing to go out there

And be

And everything you want to be?

The Go-To Guy

Male Escort

To be a gigolo would be
Unfair to other men:
For after me, no other guy
Would satisfy again

These broken-hearted women
Who came to me in need;
And found in me a banquet rich
On which they longed to feed

And an experience like none
They’ve ever had in bed –
No gigolo for me. I’ll be
Delusional, instead


What’s Wealth To You?

A pizza of his own.


A friend of my son’s
Still remembers this house
Because I ordered them pizza
When he spent the night here
And I ordered him one of his own

He’d never had a pizza of his own before
And hasn’t had many, since

He’s grown up now
But that is still
His idea
Of real wealth

And it kind of makes me ashamed
Of some of the things
I’ve attached importance to

Modern Supplement to Zeno’s Paradoxes

I think this pretty much proves it.


The truth about my somnolence
A secret I’ve been keeping:
When I wake up I’m still asleep
And hence, I’m always sleeping

For everyone knows this is true:
One is asleep till they’re awake –
So if I wake up still asleep
And never rouse, and that’s no fake