Remembering My First Real… Date


One day you barely know someone
The next, you think she’s gold;
This is a lesson that I learned
At seventeen years old

I’d been alone for sixteen years
Plus one year more, for sure;
When suddenly, she just appeared,
Or, I appeared to her

Her best friend dated mine, and so
He asked me if I would
Get her aside, out of his way
I said I thought I could

And where, before, I’d half-seen her,
I saw the other half;
Like she was smart and beautiful
And really liked to laugh

In a small room by a big room
Where choirs oft were heard
We flipped off all the light switches
Then other stuff occurred

That night, I went on a real date
A thing that shocked my dad

And it’s amazing, looking back,
Just how much fun we had

One day you barely know someone
The next, you’re making out;
But that’s the way it is with floods
They come after a drought

Beautiful, All Of Them

Beautiful Persons

Beautiful persons, two-by-two
Head downtown to a glamorous scene;
Beautiful Him and Beautiful Her
Clipped from a fashion magazine –

Beautiful women, draw them in
Beautiful men, who’re cut from stone
Beautiful all of them, made to win
Never worried and never alone –

They’ve had beautiful friends before
And will again, because friends are free
The night is full of beautiful people
Beautiful people
And me

Internal Recurrence

Oh, to be a failure now that Spring is here again…

Oh, to be a failure now that Spring is here again
To shine your feeble light until it dies
To bring your composition to a poor climax, and then
To lift pathetic voice up to the skies

Oh, to be a loser as the fields all turn to green
To realize that you’re nobody’s friend
To struggle just to have a thought, or say just what you mean
To get no satisfaction, in the end

Oh, to be in dudgeon as the searing Summer waits
To feel your boiling anger as it flares
To speak your truth to empty air and shake fists at the Fates
To act as if you think somebody cares


To want to sleep…

I do know what it is to want to sleep
And not wake up, not worry anymore:
To crumble on my bed into a heap
To cast my clothes and worries on the floor

As fever burns my skin, my eyes, my mind
And circumstance betrays my sad estate
To find some solace in what rest I find
Escaping for some moments from my fate

For energy, like love, is truth withheld
The spot beside me, empty, where you were
Where once our minds and bodies were to meld
Is vacant space where naught will e’er occur

This sonnet of dejection now I write
And seek the loving arms of endless

Mother, Son & Cat

The only really convincing arguments don’t use words.

If you could freeze this moment, this feeling

And share it,

No one would ever doubt

There is a heaven —

Except, possibly

The cat


= = = = =


Photo credit : © Alenkasm | Dreamstime.comMother And Child Playing With Cat Photo

Beauty Doesn’t Know


I have a friend who’s beautiful
And yet she doesn’t know;
I’ve told her – lots of people have –
She doesn’t think it’s so.

She’s beautiful in thought and deed
In gesture and remark;
Where others see a calming light
She sees imperfect dark.

She won’t believe no matter what,
Whatever we might say;
Because she has the backstage view
She can’t believe the play