Pet Peeve

It’s about cats and dogs, but has little truth in it.

She was a dog-woman, I a cat-guy
Way back when we met;
I used to gaze at her when they’d go by
Wary of her pet

I tried to figure out how I could
Meet and talk with her;
When the idea kind of came to me
Hearing my cat purr

Walking a cat is, well, stupid, but
Can turn quite aerobic;
And I forgot trying to meet her that
I am cynophobic

Day after day I would try until
One day at last, she spoke:
“What kind of crazy man walks his cat?” —
All of my hopes up in smoke —

As I slunk home with my cat in tow
One thought I couldn’t dismiss:
“That,” I thought sagely, “is what I deserved.
Dragging my cat into this.”

A Necessary Marinade

“Stories lose their flavor in telling them…”

I often find that stories
Lose their flavor
In telling them. The good
That we might savor

Or bad flavors get lost
There, in the telling;
And we send scents not those
That we were smelling.

And so, to tell the truth
I lie a lot:
For storytelling needs
A certain shot

Of falsehood marinade,
Therein to baste –
So others, then, will know
The selfsame

= = = = =

(In response to a Daily Post prompt.)

Like Most

Just like most men. In some ways.

Just like most men I think I’m young
When I am clearly not;
Unlike most men, I kinda know
I’m really not that hot

But like most men, I look at you
With curiosity:
For like most people, I’m surprised
You’d ever get
With me

Free and Easy

I’m at home right now with my
Grandson who
Is eighteen months old and
Alternatively ecstatic
And despondent

My wife watches him most days
But she and her sister took their mom
To the doctor

My grandson doesn’t seem surprised
That I’m here and he laughs
Every time I take a swig of my Coke Zero

He’s watching a videos while I write
I served him oatmeal, milk and a banana
We’ll go outside to play soon

I am a grandfather
A father
A husband
An employee
A professional
A writer, a blogger
A child

And he
Is the seed of an unknown tree
A beautiful plant
An entire garden

A secret, hidden garden

I get to walk beside

Before I die

But for now

Ten minutes are up

I Had To Go Shopping

.. so, off to the mall!

I had to go shopping, so off to the mall
I went, my list in tow;
And frequently stopping, I slowed to a crawl
And I’ve still far to go

The crowds they buzz ’round, in an endless flow
And batter me about;
An echoing sound ‘neath the garrish glow
Wearing my senses out

The things on my list are unfortunate ’cause
They aren’t on Amazon;
But I will persist being Santa Claus
And bravely

Aetatis Suae LI

No Talent For Certainty

I grew up trying to figure out
Exactly who I’d be;
The type of man, the type of friend,
I had inside of me:

The ways that I would change the world,
The future I’d create;
And I looked forward to that day
When I’d do something great

One day, one year, I stopped to look,
I found no race I’d won;
And realized all that I would do
I had already done

I see now that I missed the point
Of what life is, because:
To be something that I was not
I passed by who I was

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