I Couldn’t Save Her

I loved that girl with all I had…

She’ s always dancing in my mind,
She’s always twenty-three —
As she was at that carefree time
Of thoughtless bravery

To love her was the everything
That I’d been searching for;
But light as was her blithesome heart,
She always wanted more

She wanted to know every ‘feel’
That other people felt;
She longed to view all of the cards,
To see each hand as dealt –

And long, she rode her winner’s luck
Across three continents —
Accompanied by her close friends:
The psycho-stimulants

‘Twas down in Costa Rica –
That was where it all would end —
Just one more party, one more yacht –
The last thing she’d attend —

I loved that girl with all I had;
And I still grieve, because
I could not be enough for her —
For nothing

Doctor Paragon

Doctor Paragon's Lab

Paging Doctor Paragon
We need your help again;
Here in the lower echelon
We short a few wise men

For certain, we’ve no one like you
A shining ray of light;
Who, when our lives have gone askew
Can put it all to right

We need you, Doctor Paragon
We’re hanging by a thread —
Like Catherine of Aragon
You always keep your head

That Way…


When living an indefensible life
Always keep the particulars from others
That way
When they attempt to upbraid you about it
They will make mistakes in the details
And you can feel aggrieved

Identify yourself with some persecuted group
That way
When something happens to them
You can feel persecuted yourself
And ignore your own actions and their consequences

By all means
Continue to live

That way

Dangerous Crowd

Dangerous Crowd

They’ve been waiting long enough
For all they think that they deserve;
Ignored, and shoved off to the side
Boiling, on the burning curve

They’ve been sent to tend the store
Yet they think the store is theirs;
Could you be surprised when they
Act as though nobody cares?