First reading, he had to take stock of himself…

First reading, he had to take stock of himself:

He’s not the steady, industrious type
He’s not the grasping, ambitious type
And cowardice is a flaw —
But smart he was always supposed to be
And so he inferred, as he read, that was He —
He was a Ravenclaw

Then he looked again at the end of the books:

That he would be a loyal to all his friends
But he could still strive for his personal ends
And try to be brave at that —
So maybe the Ravenclaw part of He
Is good, but not all that he can be
For he is more
Than that

Opp, Alabama

It’s on the map.

New York? Anybody can make it up there!
To prove: Google gave me a list
Of famous New Yorkers so awfully long
The deduction’s hard to resist

That half of the people there go on to fame.
So making it there’s not that great:
But making it somewhere off track and obscure
Now that, I think, carries some weight.

Take Opp, Alabama, for instance. It seems
Nobody well-known is from there:
I’d say, if you’re famous in Rattlesnake-ville
You could make it most anywhere

Rattlesnake Rodeo


Beautiful Mountain

Their hearts were full.

They went to the Beautiful Mountain
And their hearts were full and blessed;
The stood by the Lonely Pine and thought
It was time to divest

Of all the heavy baggage they
Had carried on thus far;
As the sun set on the horizon
And they reached
The evening


She’s a brilliant writer.

I was contacted by someone
Who lives way off in Kerala;
Whose blog I had been reading and
Whose poetry engendered awe

In me off in America
Here somewhere in the hinterlands.
To make a friend is always good;
But talent makes it own demands

I felt obliged to tell her that.
Her writing, so vibrant, alive –
A voice so brilliant and unique
Should find a place to grow and thrive –

Which she is doing, thankfully.
Reshu, my friend, may you be well:
And may your life give you the chance
To tell the tales
You tell
So well