Mother, Son & Cat

The only really convincing arguments don’t use words.

If you could freeze this moment, this feeling

And share it,

No one would ever doubt

There is a heaven —

Except, possibly

The cat


= = = = =


Photo credit : © Alenkasm | Dreamstime.comMother And Child Playing With Cat Photo

Beauty Doesn’t Know


I have a friend who’s beautiful
And yet she doesn’t know;
I’ve told her – lots of people have –
She doesn’t think it’s so.

She’s beautiful in thought and deed
In gesture and remark;
Where others see a calming light
She sees imperfect dark.

She won’t believe no matter what,
Whatever we might say;
Because she has the backstage view
She can’t believe the play

Kelli’s Got A Boyfriend

Kelli isn’t the only one that’s had this happen.


Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
He likes her to pose:
So she sends him pictures
In her very hottest clothes

Some, she wears a little, and
In some she wears a lot;
But since he is her boyfriend
She will give him what she’s got

Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
But she doesn’t know –
Later, deep in breakup hell
Just where those pics will go